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Two fantasy novels! Two heroes! Two magic swords that aren't quite what they seem! Twice the fun and excitement! Enough plot twists to satisfy even you.

Now for the first time together...Alaric Swifthand and Reflections of a Recovering Servant. A fast and furious fantasy duet from the mind of Steve Lazarowitz.

Conan had strength, Arthur had Excalibur, Rambo had guns--Alaric Swifthand has an uncooperative magic sword, which doesnít seem to be any help at all. How could an ordinary guy possibly get into so much trouble, and why does it keep happening to him? The answers may surprise you. Never has a hero been less prepared to save the day!

Hereís what the critics (at least the smart ones) have to say about Alaric Swifthand...

With swift action, surprises, and thought-provoking problems, Alaric Swifthand is a joy to read.
Jonathan Fesmire, SFSITE

Readers of fantasy and adventure, take note. Steve Lazarowitz has a flair for adventure and the irreverent resulting in an original tale with a powerfully original voice. ALARIC SWIFTHAND was a finalist in the Dream Realms award contest. I highly recommend it!
Cindy Penn, Wordweaving

In the words of Alaric Swifthand, "Adventures happen. You have to deal with them..." And Steve Lazarowitz deals with them in a highly entertaining fashion. He is a master of the cliffhanger, and has created a real page-turner in Alaric Swifthand. Clever and witty, written in a light, entertaining voice, Alaric Swifthand is a story any lover of fantasy or adventure wonít want to miss.
E. L. Noel, author of The Threshing Floor

Alaric Swifthand is written in a robust and entertaining first person voice that draws the reader into the Alaric's world and mind...there is a forthright charm to Alaric Swifthand that's missing in much of today's contemporary fantasy.
Fallen Angel Reviews

And that's just one of the two full length novels in Fantasy Cereal. It doesn't end there.

Like your tales twisted? Look no further than Reflections of a Recovering Servant. Travel with Straac, a fugitive from injustice and a band of not so merry knights, on a quest to find a cursed sword with which they plan to avenge the kingís death. Watch as one by one reflections start disappearing, leading to a conspiracy so dark, so secret, so diabolical, so awe-inspiring...that I had to reach for my thesaurus to describe it.

But donít take my word for it...hereís what the experts had to say...

Straac has a droll sense of humor, and his dry wit elevated this tale for me to a notch above some fantasies, which can be unrelenting in their dark tone.

All of the characters are engaging. Mr. Lazarowitz deftly provides a solid ensemble cast and so many plot twists that at times you're not sure whom to root for, but you won't stop cheering Straac on in this entertaining tale of reflections and redemption.
Shannah Biondine, Timeless Tales Reviews

Steve Lazarowitz is not to be trusted.

Well, not when it comes to his writing, anyway. He has a knack for leading you straight down that proverbial garden path only to discover you're in Jurassic Park. Which brings us to Reflections of a Recovering Servant, where even the title is wordplay.
Blue Iris Journal

Lazarowitz still has the magic touch and this is just another feather in his cap.
Barry Hunter, Baryon Reviews could safely be said that Steve Lazarowitz is to the art of SF/Fantasy writing as Godiva is to chocolate-making; because I know I'm in for a treat whenever I see his name on a story.
Kate Saundby, Author of the Nublis Chronicles

Mr. Lazarowitz writes liquid prose. It flows like a sparkling mountain stream, dancing over sharp rocks, purling in still pools, reflecting sun, rain, and magic. Straac writes as a recovering servant, giving his reactions to the world around him, and his own growing knowledge that moves him beyond a servant into an unknown position in that non-technological society peopled with kings, wizards, knights, intrigue, mystery, and love.

A delight for the mind, entertainment for the most jaded, and a fresh new look into what constitutes fantasy, REFLECTIONS OF A RECOVERING SERVANT is a book for all seasons and a read for all readers. It has everything: magic, mystery, love, betrayal, and a few things I won't reveal because I would hate to spoil the surprise(s).
Patrica Lucas White, Author of A Magic Dwells

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